Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pink and Black Contest!

Here's the Link to the Video! Have fun entering!

Here are the Rules!

A Big Thanks goes to Madd Style Cosmetics for sponsoring this contest!
Here's a link to her youtube page and to her etsy page.

Here are the links to the Judge's Pages:
Don't forget to check them out!

If you are interested in entering here are the rules!

Contest Runs from 12/6/10 to 1/6/10 at midnight cst.

Comment Contest Rules:
Only one entry per person
You must be a subscriber
Winner will be chosen by

Video Entry Rules:
You must be a subscriber to enter
Video response must be done to this video
Video must not be longer than 5 minutes
You can do a picture slideshow but you must be holding a piece of paper with your youtube username and mine on it.
Send two pictures to Be sure to tell me in the subject line that it's your entry pics for the contest.
The Look can be anything you want it to be but it must have pink and black in it.
You may use other colors if you wish but I have to be able to see the pink and black in the look.

Grand Prize winner for a video entry will receive the Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection by Madd Style Cosmetics!

Comment winner will received a little something from me!

Good luck to all who enter and Have fun!

<3 Pandah1869 aka Amanda